From Manual Cell Counting to Smart Cell Culture Monitoring

Discover how the health status of your suspension cell culture is tracked by an automated, sample and label-free 3D holographic microscope that records 59 parameters at a single-cell level.


How Automation Has Changed the Way we Count Cells

  • Learn how the evolution of cell counting technologies has improved measurement assays
  • Discover an in-depth comparative study: off-line versus in-line cell monitoring methods
  • Find out how automated systems enable fast and accurate cell counting

Prof. Dr. Frank Gudermann, Erik Kakes, Philip Mathuis

    Case studies
    On-line Quantitative Cell Analyser

    All you need to know about the iLine F technology features and how it works in one single document.

    Application Note
    Automated Suspension Cell Culture Monitoring In Stirred Tank.

    Case study comparing the iLIne F microscope with classical light microscopy for the monitoring of CHO cells. Results demonstrated the good correlation of cell density and the cell viability and showed how the label-free approach provides full data per cell. Not only for the whole experiment but also for validation, QC, audit, etc.

    OsOne Software

    Advanced Analysis & Machine Learning Software

    • Real-time measurement of live and dead cell
    • Single cell analysis based on 59 parameters
    • Cell culture parameters, cell viability, viable cell density, aggregate rate
    Scientific Poster
    Continuous Cell Culture Monitoring

    Identified needs in Biopharma and innovative solutions for cell culture monitoring were presented by Ovizio at Flanders Bio Knowledge for growth on May 21st. 

    ESACT Meeting Poster
    Continuous Suspension Cell Culture Monitoring in Bioreactors

    In this study, we compared the results generated by the iLine-F with 2 reference methods applying Trypan-Blue staining: a) manual counting and b) the off-line counter Vi-Cell XR (Beckman Coulter). The iLine-F was set to generate 2 cell count cycles per hour and the culture was left to grow in batch mode for a total of 13 days.