There was a time when scientists had to pass by their lab during weekends. They had to break off personal activities to monitor cell proliferation and viability. Good news, this time is now over!

Hemocytometers using trypan blue have long been the standard equipment to monitor viable cell density. However manual operations make this method highly user-dependent resulting in low precision.

Automating cell counting limits the number of time consuming manual operations as well as the risks for a contamination. It offers scientists access to real-time, more accurate cell counting data, enabling them to focus on more value added tasks.

During this webinar, you will have a full timeline of cell counting methods, from traditional hemocytometers to new in-line instruments. A comparison of the different methods will be illustrated by data generated at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld (Germany).

Watch now and:

  • Learn how the evolution of cell counting technologies has improved measurement assays
  • Discover an in-depth comparative study: off-line versus in-line cell monitoring methods
  • Find out how automated systems enable fast and accurate cell counting

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Prof. Dr. Frank Gudermann Chief scientific officer at Optocell Technologies GmbH&Co.KG and Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany

In 1994 Dr. Frank Gudermann completed his study of physics. He worked on the improvement of biotechnological production processes and new bioreactor control concepts in his phD-thesis. Founder and Co-Founder of G&Z BioProcess Technik GbR in 1995 and Innovatis GmbH in 1999. Development and introduction to the market of the Cedex system (the world's first automated cell counting and viability  determination instrument based on optical image recognition). Professor at " the Department of Biotechnology and Instrumentation Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld " in Bielefeld Germany since 2005.

Erik Kakes Co-owner and international sales and marketing director at Applikon

Erik Kakes graduated in 1984 from van’t Hoff Institute in Rotterdam with specialization in Biochemistry. In 1988 he joined Applikon Biotechnology as a project manager. Via the R&D department he moved into Sales to become International Sales & Marketing Director. In 2008 he acquired the ownership of Applikon Biotechnology with Arthur Oudshoorn and Jaap Oostra through a management buyout.

Philip Mathuis Founder and CEO of Ovizio Imaging Systems

Engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications completed with a MBA from ESCP Paris. After 10 years in corporate environment Philip Mathuis Co-founded Ovizio in the begining of 2010. Philip Mathuis is an entrepreneurial team player who likes to get things done, driving the business with energy, enthusiasm and trust.